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Astron 2412-20 16 Amp - 24 Volt to 12 Volt Converter
Cat No: 2412-20

ASTRON DC-DC Converter

Overvoltage Protection
Overcurrent Protection
Short Circuit Protection
Terminal Block Connectors
Extra Terminal provided to allow converters to be turned ON and OFF with the ignition switch.

Input (Negative Ground Only) 22-32 VDC
Output Voltage 13.8 VDC
Line/Load Regulation 200mV
Ripple Noise 50mVrms
Continuous Current 16 Amps
Current Limit 20 Amps

Case Size 2 3/4(H) x 6(W) x 12(D)

Shipping Weight 3 Lbs

No tax except Texas Residents.

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